On the golf course

  • Starters and marshals are the authority on the course. Please always follow their directions.
  • Mobile phones must be kept in silence on the course.
  • Trolleys must never be taken between the bunkers and the greens.
  • Only recognised golf outfits are allowed on the course. Denim jeans, t-shirts without collars, . length trousers and shorts shorter than 5 cm above the knee are not allowed. Caps must be worn with the peak forward. Flip flops are not permitted in the Club premises.
  • All players must keep up with the flight in front. This will ensure a maximum 4 hr 20 min round.
  • 2 individual players must join another team of two if required.
  • Please repair divots, pitch marks and rake bunkers.



  • Take the cart path from the tee and then go 90º to the 1st landing area. You can then drive on the fairways or paths but please do not drive on the rough. When you reach the “no buggy marks” sign, please drive only on the paths.
  • Do not go through or surpass the “no buggy marks” sign or the lines in front of the greens.
  • Children under 16 are not allowed to drive buggies.
  • Maximum of 2 people and 2 bags per buggy.
  • Only 2 buggies allowed per flight.


Club House

  • We ask Gentlemen to wear Shirts with collars or Turtle Necks (15 years +).
  • Jeans & Denim are accepted in the Clubhouse but not on the Course.
  • No Swimwear, Gym attire or Football Strips.
  • We ask Gentlemen to remove their cap when inside the clubhouse.
  • Flip flops are not allowed in the Club premises.
  • Mobiles: please keep on silent and calls should be taken outside.
  • No animals.

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